Tick Tock

So I’ve recently not had the time to write a blog every week, like I said I would, but this one’s going to be about time management and maintaining ahead of your schedule.

The first time I heard these words was at Bootcamp training with The Apprentice Academy. I brought my knowledge of time management to DPG and was very impressed at how I used it at the beginning of my apprenticeship; recently, I’ve noticed that this skill has slowly started to fade away.

I still find myself making weekly ‘To Do’ lists but find it hard to dedicate my whole attention to them. I know I can handle it, but I need to find a great way of managing to complete my tasks without thinking “Oh God, it’s five o’clock and I’ve not even done this!” – I need to adapt to a routine!

At the academy, they taught me how to manage time by making a daily schedule; writing down my daily tasks, how long they would approximately take and marking the most important ones so I knew which tasks I would need to complete first.

I think I should use this more often at work to help me manage my time but just making the schedule itself would be time consuming and would probably take up half of my day already! As I’m still an apprentice newbie, I’m still trying to adapt to the routine of setting myself tasks and being dedicated to them so I need your help.

If you have any advice or any tactics that could help me manage my tasks a bit better, don’t hesitate to share.

Stay tuned time management heroes…

2 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. A great little blog that shows a high level of self awareness and a real openness to learn. Time management is hard, especially when there are distractions and other things to do that seem more fun.

    I’d recommend you spend a couple of hours working through the Time Management online learning module within Managing to Excel, it’ll only take you a few hours, but in the long run it’ll make you more efficient and productive. You just need to make time to fit it in 🙂

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