The Birth of Little Figs

So here I am again, celebrating my 15th blog post and my 6th month here at DPG plc. Looking back to when I started, I’ve developed quite a bit in my role as digital apprentice.

I never thought that at 17 years of age I would already be designing websites, attendingWinning conferences with speakers like Peter Cheese and Daniel Pink, and I definitely never seen myself publicly speaking in front of various professionals from worldwide companies.

Looking back, I have experienced some amazing things already – I can’t wait to experience many more in the next 30/40 years of my career and I will be sharing my journey with you as I go.

So this blog is part 1 of a two part blog reflecting back on my social media journey so far.

What tools have I used? Why have I used them? And how I have found using/developing each channel.

So let’s begin with personal branding.

On twitter you may know me as Little Figs, this is because it is my own personal brand. Mike and I came up with the name ‘Little Figs’ because my last name is Figueiredo and I’m little – yes I know, we’re so creative!

Also, we chose Little Figs because it’s quite unique, easy to remember and I could also link it to the whole ‘Fig-uring it out as I go’ cheesy punch line.

build-your-brand2Building my own personal brand is important because it’s the perception that other people will get of me without ever having met me. It’s the way to WOW people without actually meeting them face-to-face.

I created an about me page last week so I’ve not had much experience of it. From what I understand of it, it’s a good personal branding tool to pull together my information all in to one space that captures what I’m about and what I do.

Now let’s move on to my blog.

The reason I started this blog was really to share my journey as an apprentice. Whether it encouraged you to become an apprentice yourself, or if it gave you a little push in to hiring an apprentice for your organisation, my goal is to raise apprenticeship awareness and really to say that the apprenticeship path isn’t so bad after all.

I remember starting this blog not long after I had finished Bootcamp and started at DPG. Mike had advised me to research other blogs and see how people write, who my primary audience would be and how I could connect with them.

Publishing my very first blog in May was frightening – what kind of reaction was I going to receive from my readers? I was relieved and reassured when I got feedback from my colleagues at work – my number 1 supporters!

118 views, 38 visitors in the first month! Now, that’s an accomplishment for me.

June was even better with 184, 68 visitors!smbanner-590x260

Today, 645 people are aware of my journey and how I’m extremely passionate about youth employment.

I tweet links to apprenticeship companies and career advice for young people starting their career, and basically just saying “college isn’t the only option, you know?”

So, this is part 1 of my two part blog about my social media journey.

Tell me what social channels/tools you use in your day-to-day basis.

Stay tuned as the journey continues…

Here’s a little advice from Seth Godin on personal branding…

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