My Social Journey So Far…

So this is part 2 of my two part blog. I’ll be talking about the social channels I use, why I use them and how they help me.

Let’s begin with Twitter.

I use Twitter more frequently than any other social channel. I created my own professional Twitter account when I was in Bootcamp so I could separate my personal life with my professional life. Before creating my new professional account, I already understood quite a bit about Twitter and how to use it, so it wasn’t new to me.

statistics chartWhat I’ve learned through using Twitter professionally is that I have to be careful of what content I share – I have to think more about how I write things and what to post. If I share something offensive or unprofessional, then obviously as I’m working as DPG’s digital apprentice, it will rub off on the company.

I mostly tweet about apprenticeships, career advice and youth unemployment. My schedule of tweeting is from 9:30 am to 7pm and my top followers include Laura from The Apprentice Academy, DPG and Mike – obviously.

Overall, I have tweeted 483 times since I’ve been at DPG; 54 tweets have been favourited, 53 retweeted and I’ve currently got 280 beautiful followers on Twitter.

Another social channel I use is LinkedIn. You may have already heard of this one and it’s basically used as your online professional CV. You showcase your experiences, your talents and your skills for other professionals or future employers to look at.

This is my least preferred network because I think it’s not as easy to communicate and interact with people as it is on Twitter. LinkedIn shows you who has viewed your profile, who has endorsed your skills and that’s pretty much it…

You can’t really express your personality on this site, everyone has the same page layout and it just looks like a plain CV. I only have 50 connections on LinkedIn – I don’t use it as often as I should.

I guess LinkedIn’s audience is more for professional people who want to showcase their social-300x300skills, I’m a professional apprentice with a personality and I like to share content that I’m passionate about and Twitter allows me to do so.

So now let’s move on to Google+.

This network isn’t as popular as Twitter but more popular than LinkedIn. I like to use Google+ because it allows you to organise the people you add/that add you into different categories which are your circles.

Google+ also makes sure your whole profile has only the information that is necessary; it tells you in percentages how complete your profile is. This helps me because it maintains my profile looking good and full of my information just in case someone wants to know more about me or where I work.

In my circles I have 172 people but only 31 people have me in their circles.

I find these channels are very easy to use and I use them every day. But to find content to share on these channels, I need to use social tools.

One of the tools I use is This tool enables me to find content using tags like apprenticeships, youth unemployment, young people and career advice so I can find and share related content in my social channels.

On, I find topics to scoop or to share on different channels. Scooping means I can add that piece of content to my magazine so other people can see what I’m sharing. Most of the content I find on is blogs, news, facts and opportunities for apprentices.

Another tool I use is Buffer. You may already be familiar with this tool and if not, let me explain…

Buffer is used to schedule the times my content is shared throughout the day. This way, I can control when my content is shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. I find it very useful and helpful so I don’t have to be reminded to share at certain times of the day – I just do it all in the mornings. also allows me to easily check whoever has retweeted, favourite, clicked on or replied to anything I share.

So these are the social media channels and tools I use on a daily basis.

I would like to hear your opinion on this topic. What social channels do you find useful?

Stay tuned, social media statos…

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