Working World – Here I Am!

MyMedalSo this is my second blog.

I sit here wondering how I got in this chair, surrounded by all these professional people, but then I remember how hard I worked at boot camp to get to where I am at this moment in time (camels are really hard to make!).

You could say I see this desk I have as a representation of my hard-work and the dedication I have, and always will, put into this new career I’m exploring.

I mean, I can actually call these things mine? You could say I earned this desk.

So, I’ve finally found my way through my first week at DPG plc and I can now say that, as my mentor/coach, @MikeCollins007 and I have covered a lot already!

Reflecting back, let’s take a look at my first week in detail. Naturally, on my first day I was very nervous, and whilst boot camp prepared me well, I still had absolutely no clue of what to expect!

The first day I created a presentation about my boot camp experience and create my own twitter account; we started off easy. One of the things that Mike has said is that we learn by doing, so I guess I’m going to be in the deep end quite a lot.

The second day I learned more about the Digital Apprentice role and researched a few blogs, all in preparation for my own! I looked into apprenticeship blogs that I could relate to. I’m learning a lot about the world of L&D and HR and aim to post regularly about apprenticeships and young people as well as HR and Learning & Development. Don’t forget to check out my twitter account @Little_Figs.

05 Write from the HeartThe third day was all about preparing my very first blog, so I created a WordPress account and worked on my first blog: “I Survived Boot Camp!”. We talked about structure and sharing experiences and writing from the heart.

Thursday was different to what I expected as we were out of the office and at my first event. Mike and I attended a Digital Marketing conference hosted by On The Edge, where we learned all about content strategy and digital marketing, Google analytics and much more! You could say it was a long day and a few things went over my head. If you’re interested in learning more here is the link to the presentations from the day.

The last day of the week was about brainstorming my own ideas, putting my own twist and sharing my input on future promos.

I created a presentation on my new project (I’m keeping it close to my chest for now), but be ready, you’re in for a treat! (hint hint)

The last thing I did on Friday was become a member of the DPG Community. This is a social network a little like Facebook that supports all of the events and programmes that DPG deliver – a real emphasis is on using the community to connect with our customers and share information. Check it out!

The one thing that stood out to me in my first week is how friendly and how involved everyone is within DPG, a great team to be a part of.

So, now I’m on my second week at DPG. What tasks will I take on next? Stay tuned to find out…

I survived Boot camp!

My name is Debora Figueiredo and welcome to my blog; this is my first blog ever so BE NICE!

I am a Digital Apprentice at DPG plc and I’m going to use this blog to share my experience of joining the workforce and all I get up to. This blog shares my first experiences at The Apprentice Academy Boot Camp (yes, Boot Camp) and how my fellow apprentices and I got on.

So what’s Boot Camp, I hear you ask? It sounds scary, doesn’t it?

Well Boot Camp is an initiative by The Apprentice Academy to prepare us for the workplace. The whole point of Boot Camp was to get us ready for the working environment, to teach us the skills and knowledge we needed for the workplace.

So yeah, I began boot camp last week (13/05) and just wanted to share my experience.

Throughout the week-long journey we took part in many practical activities such as handling inbound and outbound calls, playing The Apprentice, and even treated ourselves to a bit of camel racing. Basically, we had to create our own camels using cello tape, magazines and red and black feathers.

I don’t know what it looked like, but it definitely wasn’t a camel!

But the boot camp week wasn’t all about building camels and imitations of Alan Sugar, it was also about hard work and turning us amateur chumps into intelligent, good looking apprentices.

Throughout the week we were given booklets each day to summarise what we had previously learned. We learned about health & safety in the workplace, communication & time management and most importantly, team work; this was to prepare us for the hell that is ‘work’.

(Only joking @MikeCollins007 )

To summarise boot camp, it was extremely helpful (if anyone needs a camel, they know who to go to), it was memorable, but all in all the experience was fantastic.

I’m now one week in to my apprenticeship with DPG plc and have a new Twitter account @Little_Figs please give me a follow and follow my apprenticeship journey.

So, yes I survived Boot Camp. Will I survive the world of the workplace? Stay tuned to find out…